Our Mission at Redfish Land Sales is simple.

Our Mission is to make finding and purchasing affordable land at wholesale prices incredibly easy.

When we say affordable land, we mean land that is typically priced in the range of 50 to 80% of ‘the going price’ for similar parcels.

How do we sell at such a steep discount?

Redfish Land Sales doesn’t use any middlemen to sell land. We own the land we sell. We do all the marketing and sales work ourselves.  We even offer in-house, no-qualifying financing to save you time and the expense of paying fee after fee when pursuing commercial financing.  By cutting out the expensive middlemen we directly pass the savings on to you – the most important person in the whole process.

We’ll show you why you need to own land in your portfolio and how easy it is to buy land now.

Browse our inventory of available affordable land parcels by state right here on our website.

Please note that WE SELL MOST OF OUR PARCELS BEFORE WE EVER POST THEIR LISTINGS on the web to groups of interested land buyers who have asked to be notified EARLY about upcoming sales.   You can have the same advantage.