Why Buy Land?

Why would anyone buy land today?

Our team here at Redfish Land Sales is asked that question every day. There are a host of great reasons to own land; here are some of our favorites:

Land is tangible. It is a real asset, not paper, vapor or some imaginary financial instrument. You can reach out and touch it.

Land is precious and the supply is finite. There’s no ‘land factory’ around the corner making new land.

Land is a great foundation upon which to build wealth. It’s been said over and over again that many wealthy families in this country (and around the world) have built their wealth through prudent real estate holdings.

Land ownership diversifies your investment portfolio. The days of securing a retirement nest egg by simply investing in stocks and bonds are long gone. Economic uncertainty in our country and around the world mandates careful diversification of your hard earned investment cash.  Land ownership is an effective vehicle to provide much needed diversification.

Land ownership has tremendous potential to enhance your investment yields. Prudently chosen and managed real estate can allow you to achieve higher rates of return for a given level of portfolio risk.

You can enhance the performance of a land investment. Here’s a simple example: John M. purchased a plot of land in Texas upon which to build his dream home several years down the road. He cleared the scrub and brush off the land, leases hunting and fishing access year round and allows a neighboring rancher to graze cattle several months of the year. His lease and grazing proceeds pay for all of the property’s mortgage and property tax costs.

Land can be purchased with leverage, dramatically expanding the earning potential of your hard earned cash. Redfish Land Sales will even provide your leverage – we’ll provide financing with low down payments and no credit check / qualifying!

Land ownership is a profitable stepping stone to real estate wealth. A friend and mentor started off eight years ago with $2,000 and an interest in buying land. Granted, he’s worked very, very hard since then, though it’s been worth it. He now owns several hundred parcels of land around the country and earns a very comfortable income each month.  He’s used land ownership as a stepping stone to purchase several other businesses.

Land has been an effective inflation hedge for centuries. Prudently purchased and managed land has served many a family as a solid hedge against inflation. Not so for many other forms of real estate these days, including the family home.

Have more questions?  Find answers to common questions in our Redfish Land Sales FAQs.